How Bitcoin and IOTA Compare

Bitcoin vs IOTA (BTC vs MIOTA). Explore how Cryptocurrencies compare against others in fundamental properties, price, market capitalization and more.


Transaction Speed
Transaction Speed symbol 20min-1h
Transaction Speed symbol 5-10s
Transaction Fees
Transaction Fees symbol Typical
Transaction Fees symbol Zero
Transaction Eco-Friendliness
Transaction Eco-Friendliness symbol >100,000 Wh
Transaction Eco-Friendliness symbol 0.1 - 1 Wh
Consensus symbol 2 - 5 parties
Consensus symbol 100 - 500 parties
Immutability symbol Immutable
Immutability symbol Immutable
Max. Scalability
Max. Scalability symbol 5-10 ctps
Max. Scalability symbol 1k-5k ctps
Anonymity symbol Pseudonym
Anonymity symbol Pseudonym


Inflation symbol 1-2%
Inflation symbol 0%
Undistributed Supply
Undistributed Supply symbol 10-20%
Undistributed Supply symbol None
Privately Reserved Supply
Privately Reserved Supply symbol None
Privately Reserved Supply symbol None


Own MainNet
Own MainNet symbol Yes
Own MainNet symbol Yes
Code Base
Code Base symbol Original
Code Base symbol Original
Project Birthyear
Project Birthyear symbol 2008
Project Birthyear symbol 2015
MainNet Birthyear
MainNet Birthyear symbol 2009
MainNet Birthyear symbol 2016
Initial Distribution Method
Initial Distribution Method symbol Mining
Initial Distribution Method symbol Crowdsale


Quantum Resistant
Quantum Resistant symbol No
Quantum Resistant symbol Yes
Smart Contracts
Smart Contracts symbol Yes
Smart Contracts symbol No (in progress)
Zero Value Transactions
Zero Value Transactions symbol No
Zero Value Transactions symbol Yes